9 Ways To Earn Passive Income

9 Ways To Earn Passive Income

Ways To Earn Passive Income is very interesting and makes every one excited but the excitement needs to be kept alive with a Dream of life, a Written Goal and a Plan of Action to be worked at consistently.

Passive income is an income, which gets generated with minimum current work on the part of an individual, the examples are interests earned on Fixed Deposits with Banks, Rental Income of Properties built long back, Royalty Incomes from Books to the Writers, Singer artists etc. In this article we shall be assuming the case of a person, who does not have investment to make and is neither a writer nor a singer.

The basics of generating passive incomes:

Initially consistent and persistent efforts are needed to establish a name in the field. This is achieved not influenced by rejection till the achievement of the goal.

• Exercise your Freedom to select your working schedule.

• The passive or residual income does not restrict you to work on a fixed schedule with plenty of time to think and plan.

• Your work ethics and discipline are responsible in proportionate rise of your income, which you can start feeling. More sources of income can be planned and worked at.

• You are limiting factor of your income.

• Get free time with fantastic money to enjoy unlimited vacations.

• Instead of depending on charity help people in your community.

• Retire early in life from the financial burdens and help others in doing what you have done.

1. Introduction to Net Work Marketing:

Net work marketing is about half a century old and there are many Corporations originating from overseas and expanding their business globally by entering their operations in new territories and have excellent track record and ethics in their business models providing their distribution and training services to the local people.

There are many business models in which individual members do a small amount of work by self consumption of its products and using its services and presenting the business plan to the prospects known or unknown, who understanding the potential of Passive income produce great networks of Distributors of the Company.

The originator of the net work supports the Prospects of his down line with information and demonstration of the product. He invites the new prospects to meetings and rallies, where international and local speakers share their experiences and information.

These Meeting and Rallies are the physical forums, where serious people understand take their decision of life of do or die the death of an average man who works 10 to 5 and gets a negligible amount of his contribution to merely survive or continue to be exposed to the real or imagined threats of retrenchment by the employer in the dreams instead of dreaming for the grand passive income in a short time enough to make a decision to quit the job and work full time to increase the volume of passive income, which many cases is willable.

2. Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate Programs are available in plenty for internet marketing. The owners of the Digital Products like an e-book, a software, an online business model they make a website on which all the Information, features, sales incentives of the product and marketing support details are provided.

There are two types of Affiliates, Primary and Secondary. Primary affiliates recruit secondary affiliates and communicate with them for training with email courses and personal support. Primary Affiliates get a part of the Incentive in respect of Secondary Affiliate sales. There are reputed Merchants, which collect payment from the customers after a sale and distribute the commissions to the affiliates and after collecting their service charges send the balance money to owner of the product.

3. Information or How to Products:

There is great demand for information products online because the content being fresh and unique in itself and the owner of the E-books are providing a guarantee satisfaction to the customer in the event of dissatisfaction of the e-book purchased supported by the terms and conditions of the merchant collecting payment.

The prospective customer searches his requirement on the internet, which lists websites and the advertisements on the search pages. By a click at the links leads you the product page, which lists the features, benefits and photograph of the product, with customer testimonial on going through you make your decision to purchase.

4. Selling PLR E-Book and Software:

PLR E-Book and Software can be purchased with a right to claim it your own product by changing Title and Author name as your own name and now you can sell such products as your own products and start selling through your affiliates and earn commissions after distributing commissions to the affiliates.

5. Earning Advertisement Revenue:

If you have a SEO optimized website with rich content and offering a valuable freebie or a professional news letter to the visitors in return for leaving his first name and email address to be confirmed by clicking at a link sent to his email ID. A message appears and again an email is sent to him with a link to down load.

And if your website receives thousand of visitors, the owners of the product can consider putting an advertisement generating revenues for ever depending upon the ranking of the site at search engines.

6. Advertisement Revenue on News Letters:

If you have a big mailing list you can get advertisement revenues from the news letters popularly known as E-Zine. Usually a News letter is scheduled every week so there are revenues earnings on weekly basis.

7. Google Adsense Revenue:

It is also a form of Advertisement revenue. Google receives pay per advertisements from advertisers, which you can get after you get a Google adsense code after verification of your website for the ownership and contents posted on the website complying with the Google guidelines for adsense code.

8. Pay Per Click revenue Earning:

Here you obtain Adword code from Google and open an Ad word account with a deposit of $50 and pay per click ranging from 5 cents to any amount considered by you. Based on your rate offered and other competitive rates for your advertisement shall be placed on the First search page or inner pages.

It is always preferred that the advertisement should appear on the first page of the search report generated for the visitor searching for a keyword, which appears on the advertisement.

You earn the commission on the item purchased by the visitor. Your net profit is the revenue earned minus advertisement expenditure. It can be a losing game if the advertisement does not make enough sales to meet the advertisement cost. There should be thorough search for the right key word and tracking of the advertisement clicks and sales should be done keyword should be changed for better results.

9. Membership Site Revenue:

Membership site is a web site which is open to only paid members having very useful and valuable software, which the paid members can log in and search for the required E-book or soft ware and download the same for personal use. Membership site has purchased the rights of distribution of the product through its paid membership site. The Membership Site is promoted through the affiliate network as discussed above. Usually the membership charges range from $19 a month to $47 a month or a quarter. There are membership sites with higher subscriptions depending upon the value of the membership site.

There are many other options of earning passive income on the internet, which can be searched and details investigated.

9 Ways To Earn Passive Income
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