Make Passive Money Online – 12 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

make passive money online

Every one has a desire and is looking for smart ways to make passive money online. To drive the desire to take a fruitful shape one requires great amount of perseverance and devotion besides identifying what to do and start doing it consistently.

The Desire and Action Open Gateway of Passive Income

Before one can start doing, it is necessary to know, what is passive income? By its definition passive income is as described below:

Definition of Passive Income

Traditionally passive income is Income created by least work through investments made like monthly interest, annual dividend, real estate rent etc. Since in online there is virtually no investment involved it pertains to time invested and income flowing of the past work done. Following are the smart ways to earn passive income online.

Smart Ways to Earn Passive Income Online:

Smart Ways to Earn Passive Income Online

All the good things are packed and bundled together, the requirement is making your desire to work consistently and persistently in a smart way till the results start trickling in and these become a stream of stable income.

Make passive money online

Doing powerful beginning by hard efforts for getting the passive income start trickling, till it achieves stability, having potential of growth with minimum efforts.

• Capable of self propulsion with more passive income growth and requiring little attention.

• There should be freedom of deciding the timings and number of hours working.

• It should not bind one like a job Nine to Five. It should have potential of performing on an autopilot 24 hours a day and 7 days week.

• There should be a potential of increasing the income to the extent required and increasing the number of income streams.

• Creating unlimited passive income, where the limiting factor is you yourself and no one else.

• Now having great time and freedom to spend in company of family and going for vacations.

• To donate liberally towards charity considering the cause for which charity shall be used.

• Creating earning streams each contributing its residual revenue helping to retire early in life.

Creating earning streams

Financial Goals

To be successful one should have predefined written goals with time schedule of achievement. The Goals should be realistic and on achievement there should reward attached to it as an incentive and stepping up for achievement of the next goal and so on. One can think of vacation for the family, a latest craze vehicle, an elegant house to live in and so on.

After deciding of the financial Goals, now is time to think of what and how to do. Do you want it do fast or just leisurely? The irregular pattern is like work, some times done and most of times remain undone.

Every time one has to start again after a break. After few breaks in succession you do not want to do that is the end of it. One can not succeed if one is not persistent it is just that.

After all said and done let us start doing it.

Having written the goals and decided to be successful, next step is to find smart ways to make passive money online. Learn thoroughly the How & What of the options available online. Depending on what interests you the choice can be made among the following passive income online options.

Become an Affiliate:

1. Become an Affiliate:

There are powerful networks Like Click Bank and Commission Junction. Which is great meeting point for the Vendors Called Merchants, who have a product to sell through the Network.

Affiliates also called Publishers, who agree to the terms and conditions of the Network Organizations and join as Affiliates or publishers. They promote the product for which there are a number of methods available using the Product Link provided in respect of the product by the network organization.

By the promotion efforts of the affiliate, when a visitor clicks on the link he is taken to the sales page. Where he receives the information of the products. He clicks to order and payment process is completed if the product suits his need. The Merchant account and affiliate account are credited the respective payments. They are paid once in a month.

Depending upon the promotion activities of the affiliate, the commission earned amount can be very substantial amount.

Affiliates Programs

It requires setting up a website page, which pre-sells the product and at the bottom of the page is Product link provided by Clickbank or Commission Junction. Which takes the customer to the Merchants’ landing page to complete the sales process by taking the customer to payment options page of the Network.

It is advisable to join companies, which gives two tier commissions. In such a case you shall be promoting the company also so that other affiliates join the network through your promotion activity.

To start up some Merchants provided Affiliates course, gives the plan what to do to be successful. Make passive money online.

Selling Information Products

2. Selling Information Products:

The Internet has a number of sources, from where information of your interest can be collected and compiled in the form of an E-book. An attractive cover page of the E-book can be designed. Trade mark requirement of the E-book can be completed to avoid complications later on.

Now only thing is to get a Sales Page, and Banners for advertising designed and a Vendor account opened with the Network like Clickbank or Commission Junction, where the product shall be listed for the affiliates to pick up the product to do promotion.

Thus depending upon the number of affiliates actually promoting the product and you start getting your share of the sale. The success depends on the relevance of the content and the promotional material you designed.

Benefits of Info E-book writing

3. Benefits of Info E-book writing:

It is very beneficial for writing and compiling an E-book or it can do with E-book writing software. It is very easy to create. You just need the E-book creation software. An Exhaustive E-Book can be created in a week.

The only costs involved are Software for writing E-book, a Website Design, web hosting and Marketing.

After E-book is ready, web hosting is done now it is the turn to have an affiliate program of Networks or your own. Make passive money online with the increase in number of affiliate earning around 70 % commission, it becomes an excellent source for passive income.

The income can be increased by giving resale rights or reprint rights for an initial fee along with a License mentioning the terms the person has to follow strictly, so that there is no under cutting by any one and the market conditions remain healthy.

Making Software Products

4. Making Software Products:

Make passive money online via making software products. If you have interest in software development, one can do some search to find out, which type of software sells more and the price at which it sells. The patented software can be got made. If you do not have know how to make. It can be marketed with a website hosting and designing of sales letter and marketed through affiliate programs. This also has potential of great passive income.

Advertisement Revenue

5. Advertisement Revenue:

It is possible, if you own a website having around 1000 visitors on a daily basis directed by search engines, there is an opportunity to attract Banner advertisement or placing a link on the web page and charge fixed monthly charges or on the basis of number of clicks. The advantage is you are setting up once and receive the revenues every month, which get increased with the number of visitors on the site.

Revenue through News letters or E-zine

6. Revenue through News letters or E-zine:

You can start an Informational News Letter or E-zine and publish it with a regular frequency of weekly or fortnightly. Thus you can earn revenue by selling space for advertisement depending on your circulation frequency and number of subscribers on the list. Such a nature of revenue is permanent and ever increasing.

Free E-Books Marketing

7. Free E-Books Marketing:

Marketing of free E-Book to the list of customers has an opportunity to sell space and it becomes a source of passive income generation. Free E-book can contain hypertext affiliate links, which can increase the affiliate sale.

Using Google AdSense Program

8. Using Google AdSense Program:

By joining Adsense Program one can get advertisement codes, which can be placed on the website pages. One gets paid according to the number of clicks the visitors perform.


9. Pay Per Click Campaigns:

One can instantly generate income by opening Adwords Account with Google and starting a keyword based campaign of the affiliate products. Thus generating income from the affiliate promotion is excellent source of income.

Providing Referrals

10. Providing Referrals:

By referring persons to Graphic designers, SEO Services Providers etc. one can earn income from this source in respect of business provided for such a service by your reference.

Making Membership Site

11. Making Membership Site:

Your knowledge and experience of a subject can be made use of for making a membership site on the subject and providing knowledge based content and support by offering membership on a monthly fee depending on the quality of the content provided. Make passive money online. You can do recommendation of products and earn commission.

Becoming Reseller of Domain Names

12. Becoming Reseller of Domain Names:

Make passive money online by reselling other persons services or commodities. You can earn commission, which has potential of increasing every year and is a stable income.

Desires, Dreams, determination are important driving forces to look for Smart Ways to Earn a Passive Income.


Make Passive Money Online – 12 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online
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