Personal Development and Learning to Like Yourself

Personal Development and Learning to Like Yourself

The new year is a time of decisions, great willingness to change one’s life and new habits. A friend recently told me that his colleague from work wrote her own 35 New Year’s resolutions. Quite a lot, don’t you think? January is the time when we throw ourselves to change everything at once.

At the same time, we are forgetting what these changes actually allow us…. to make these changes possible at all. We forget to take care of our inner strength, our self-confidence, our self-esteem, which gives us the power to reach for what is really important to us in life.

Therefore, I believe that January should be a month of good relations with ourselves. When we take care of it, the whole year will be a series of positive events and good changes in our lives. When we build a solid foundation, it will be easier for us to put everything else together.

Learning to like yourself can be difficult if you are not ready to learn it. This can be done by going through a Personal Development seminar which can help you face your demons and learn to deal with them positively.

There are some people who, strange as it may sound, don’t like themselves all that much and they cannot do anything to improve on their personalities, which frustrate them. One of the results to not liking yourself is not having any friends at all, for instead of attracting people, they end up repelling them.

Some people cannot control themselves when it comes to socializing with others, for example. Because they feel insecure in their own skills and abilities, instead of seeking the knowledge, they resent the need and end up failing. The failure is then blamed on others, not on themselves. In short, they had fear of the unknown and did not know how to deal with the fear, so they lashed out.

With personal development, these insecurities can be faced. The seminars will help through activities and literature to guide the individual through the process. Armed with the new knowledge and skills, they can now begin to look at things from a different perspective. Instead of feeling insecure for not knowing what something is about, they learn to seek the information and use it to their advantage.

Knowledge is useful; making the knowledge work is the difficult part. Take for example difficulty in socializing. If they learn to communicate with others and learn to talk about certain things, they will gain more insight into that unknown factor they had feared. With the loss of the fear, the confidence increases and eventually, the individual realizes that they are now on the same footing as the others they had previously feared.

Learning to face personal fears is one way of achieving personal development and this will finally result to a person who can communicate and socialize with others without drowning in their own personal insecurities. For that is all what insecurity is, a fear of not knowing.

With personal development, the individual can now feel that they are not only on the same footing as the others, but with their increase in knowledge, they eventually surpass those whom he feared in the beginning.

Personal Development and Learning to Like Yourself
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