Quit your current job or die tryin

Quit your current job or die tryin

Many of us in the modern day world work from the early hours of the morning to the late hours in the evening. The jobs are demanding and often pay very little. Considering how long these hours are you would expect there to be a higher pay, but no, since jobs are so difficult to get nowadays employers are happy enough to let you go if you have any problems with your work or working conditions. This isn’t how it should be, but I am sure that there are many of you out there who are currently in this position and not only want to make more money but want to be able to have flexible hours so that they can have spare time for other things. In this article I will be giving you some tips on how to start up your own small business so that you can make a decent living as well as the flexibility to work your own hours. After all, passive income is achievable, get out of the routine and start something new.

When starting up your own business it can be difficult, especially when you are working a full time job. My suggestion to you to start off with is to first start by doing some research outside of your job, any time you can find will help you out. If you do not have an idea for a business then the best thing that you can do is carry out some market research, find a gap in the market which hasn’t been filled. But make sure that you research it well enough so that you consider all the variables, starting up a business helps so much more if you have not only a unique idea, but a good idea.

Once you have selected your idea you will have to start by creating a business plan, plan out what you hope to achieve, this may break into your free time but believe me, if you want change you will have to dedicate yourself before it gets any better. List some short term and long term objectives that you hope to achieve. Once you have compiled a business plan you can move onto the next step.

The hardest step in setting up your own business will be making that jump from quitting your current job and moving on to your business. Now, businesses can be uncertain and 9/10 of all new businesses will fail after their first year. But this does not mean that it will happen to you, success is a choice not a chance, and if you choose to dedicate time and effort into setting up your small business then you will definitely be able to achieve success. Once you have made all the preparations for your business it is time for a test run. My advice is to speak to your supervisor in your current job and try and get a month or two off of work, it may prove to be very difficult but as long as you can dedicate some time to test running the business then you will be guaranteed the safest route.

You could however just quit your job and go for the business, but it can be very risky and if you do happen to fail you may be wishing you still had your old job. So it’s important to stay connected with your job and give your business a test drive. If you are selling a product, only have a small amount of the product manufactured as it is only a test run. Once you have made all the arrangements you are ready to go.

Test your business, follow your plan strictly, and only make changes if they are completely necessary, if you have come up with a good strategy on how to achieve your goals you will find that you will be able to achieve them much easier. A strategy is very important and essential to working your way to achieve your goals. During this test run it is an idea to see what works best, experiment with your hours, see what works the best, try and sell your product when it is busiest during the day. Experimentation through trial and error will help you save a lot of time and once you have found the perfect combination you are ready to stick to your hours. However, since you are running your own business it is completely up to you, you will be able to take days off when you choose.

If all is successful and your business succeeded in meeting some of your short term targets it is safe to assume that it is worth investing in, take it further and dedicate yourself to it and you will achieve success. If your business did not succeed in the way that you had hoped, do not worry, many business will fail at first. They are relatively easy to set up providing you have the right capital to cover your initial costs. Just try different ideas and experiment, but always remember, a gap in the market is the best bet. Another tip is to find an existing product which is popular and make it better. There are a variety of ways you can think of ideas, but take a good look at the current market and your answers will lie there.

Obviously things may get more complicated as the results vary from person to person, but the overall results will be well worth the time and effort. I do hope that this article has given you an insight and some tips on how to achieve flexible hours and a better flow of income. Always remember, success is a choice not a chance.

Quit your current job or die tryin
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