The Law of Attraction and Increasing Wealth

The Law of Attraction and Increasing Wealth

When people talk about the Law of Attraction, this means that a person can become successful because he or she is attractive to others. When it comes to wealth, there is a fable which talks about people who simply attract the wealth, anything they touch becomes successful. This is where the tale of the Midas Touch comes in, that there are just some people who attract wealth to come their way.

And it is not just wealth that can get attracted. There are some who are just plain healthy, they never get sick. According to the New Thought Writers, there is something in these people where they repel illnesses.

There was a movie called The Secret where optimistic thinking was the key to success. It showed that a person is who he is because of how he thought he was going to be. He became successful because he was optimistic, he never gave up. In fact, some would even say that by simply wishing to be successful is already the way to success. With the optimistic outlook, whoever gets involved with that person experiences the spill over of that outlook, getting wealth and health because of the other.

Many people who first hear of this immediately laugh it off as a New Age idea that could be ludicrous. However, it cannot be denied that there are people who may live just right beside us or across the street whom we are jealous of because they seem so successful in whatever it is they are involved in. It seems that no matter what they get involved in, they are successful, even if it is just the green grass on their lawns.

According to some networks, the only way to get wealthy is when you align yourself with others who have this gift of the Law of Attraction. Take for example the GIN organization: this is an exclusive, ‘members only’ community who shares their vast knowledge and skill in making money with their fellow members. The other less successful members gradually find themselves getting richer in whatever endeavour there are involved with. The organization claims they are simply sharing their wealth through the simple process of wealth through the Law of Attraction.

Does this law work for everyone? Well, it does not. There are simply people whose negative auras are so tangible that they repel wealth instead of attracting it. Those who believe and stand by the Law of Attraction say that these people should be avoided for it can latch on to you faster than the attraction can and could be very hard to rid of.


The Law of Attraction and Increasing Wealth
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