The Law of Attraction and Money

The Law of Attraction and Money

Somehow, when one speaks of the Law of Attraction, it does not involve romance with another person, it involves romance with money and the ability to make it come to you fast and seemingly with ease. The question is not learning what the law is all about, but how to make it work for you.

The Law of Attraction simply means that you can allow the money to come to you and into your life. You have to be optimistic, positive about life which will result to your attracting people to come your way who can help you achieve your goals. If you target wealth, then the law should help you attract those who can make you gain that wealth easily.

However, the money should also work positively for you. There is an old saying that goes, “money mad.” This saying simply means that people who get a taste of wealth easily lose the money because they do not know how to treat it right. They think that when they have money they are now free to do whatever they want to do without any sense of responsibility. This is not a wise act. This is against the Law of Attraction.

Positive energy is needed in order to succeed in an investment. With positive energies, you can attract more money to come your way. If you treat the money right, it will treat you right and award you with more money. Sort of a quid pro quo.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that when money comes your way, be happy that it is there and find joy in the wealth. This way you can enjoy your life better. The worst and best example to this is the charact6er from the classic novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. He gave no joy with his wealth and his whole personality and aura was negative. True, he had wealth, but he was not happy, neither did he have friends.

Giving thanks to the wealth and finding joy in it finally gave him the reprieve that he needed and in the end he attracted more money. With the more money he gained, he earned more which he spent on positive things like helping the poor. And the cycle went on.

The lesson that the Law of Attraction is trying to convey is that even with wealth, if you cannot find joy in life, then you are no better than the poorest of the poor. But if you find joy, you attract more, money or friends or loved ones, and you gain more.

The Law of Attraction and Money
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