What Are Bridging Loans?

What Are Bridging Loans?

If you are in the middle of moving house, and you find the perfect new home, but you can not sell their current home, you should think about getting a loan to pay for bridging the gap.

Bridging loan loan that you have when there is a temporary shortfall of cash, when you have the movement of property or business. You may also need to address the credit when you purchase property at auction to pay for the property within 28 days. These loans are more risky for the lender, and therefore are more expensive. Therefore, you should go only to overcome the credit, if you know that you can repay the loan within 6 months.

Who can get a loan deal?

Bridging loan is often easier to obtain that the normal loan or mortgage, in hiring, and people with poor credit history, the right to receive such loans. Obviously, it depends on the lender, but generally you should be able to overcome the credit as long as you can make payments.

As bridging loans work?

Bridging loans, in the case of the property, allowing you to take a mortgage on the new property, then a second mortgage on the property that you sell. You can usually borrow up to 65% of the value of the property, minus any existing mortgages that you have. Depending on the property means that you can borrow between? 25000 and? 500000 as a standard figure.

How to get a bridging loan

Getting a loan is to overcome and obtain any other loans, and includes shopping around various online lenders and mortgage providers. However, the main difference is that in order to overcome a credit assessment will be undertaken to ensure the property value of the creditors. This process usually takes about 7-10 days, at this time, you can sort the rest of the legal processes associated with buying a home.


Bridging loans vary in cost, with specialist lenders that specialize in providing loans at auction, with low rates, as expected, you can afford the property, as you have legally bought it at auction. If you have bad credit then you will obviously pay more. Interest rates on bridge loans are usually employed on a monthly basis, at an average rate of 1.5% per month. Often, the interest rates of loans to overcome the less important, because you’re going to repay the loan quickly, and the most important factor is to obtain a loan on time for you to purchase a new property.

Any alternatives?

If you can not sell your house in order to finance a new property, and then There are not many options for you other than the bridge loan. Of course, you can get a traditional loan, but it may take more time, and credit terms may be too long or the amount offered is too low. If you know that you will have money from the sale of property in the near future, and then bridging loan may be the right choice for you.

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