Winning over Hurdles to Achieve Big Dreams

Winning over Hurdles to Achieve Big Dreams

Every thing big begins as a minute dormant seed requiring sowing in fertile environment and creation of favorable conditions for the seed to sprout as seedling and grows in early phases under protective care into a massive tree attaining self sufficiency weathering many great winds of storms, scorching Sun and Great down pour of rain.

A Big Dream is like a seed, which is above the dormancy stage and calls for creation of situations and presence of favorable circumstances so that the Dream does not remain a dream, it gets a fertile land and protection till it grows into a seedling and establishes its own firm footings so that nothing can stop its growth to full bloom of the massive tree.

A big dreamer has already visualized in his imaginations far off worthwhile places, where a non-dreamer wants also to go there but has so far not taken any steps and always has an excuse to postpone for a better day to arrive.

There are hurdles in the imagination of persons which slows down the achievements or completely aborts the move.

Identifying & Winning Over Hurdles:

Following are some of the hurdles which can be properly identified, understood and plans can be made to remove them once for all:

The Sight Fear:

There is nothing more fearful than the roaring sea amidst a storm challenging its might on the face of the bystander. Brave is the fisherman, who not caring for the danger dares to venture into the sea to catch the fish and comes back almost every time successfully with the bounty of the fish catch enjoying the successful journey.

Every opportunity is like a sea unknown depths and breadth, posing fear of failure of various shapes he who dares gets success.

Following the dream of uncertainties one may encounter worst before success can be achieved. If the worst looks small in comparison to the successful achievements envisaged, one should pursue the dream to success.

Absence of knowledge:

Absence of knowledge does not mean that the dream be postponed. That day shall never come, when one gets full knowledge before pursuing the realization of dream. All the discoveries by great men have been achieved in the absence of knowledge driven by the strong dream and belief.

Dispel Away of Negative Thoughts/Persons:

The wise saying states leave company negative persons and kick away the negative thoughts. Always say and believe I can do it and move forward towards the journey of fulfilling dream of one’s life.

Winning over Hurdles to Achieve Big Dreams
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